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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 15, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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good morning maryland. i yelled at him to stop as he began to slow down and the man pulled out a pistol and shot him in the head. >> he was packing heat. residents fuming this morning after a man shot and killed a dog in baltimore county. and gunfire leaves two security guards shot in northeast baltimore. this morning, new information into what led to the gunfire and now the search for the gunman. and live pictures from washington where the debt show gan stalled this morning. about a -- showdown has stalled this morning.>> reporter: many harry potter fans turned out to see the final installment. coming up, reaction from what they thought about the movie. >> good morning. tgif i am joce sterman. let's get a check of your friday morning weather first with meteorologist justin berk. justin. >> reporter: good morning. -- >> good morning. and look at this.
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62 degrees in easton with light wind. that is one of the coolest spots and rehobeth beach a pleasant morning to do a walk on the boardwalk. we will have ourselves decent weather although maybe some add clouds for parts of the weekend. we will talk about that coming up. glen oak watching some of the light and silhouette of a tree over the eastern view. it's 66 degrees this morning. overall, we are dry and multiple sweeps from maryland's most powerful doppler radar shows us there's more clouds down towards the south. but we are expect a fair a sunshine pushing up into the extreme uv index range friday may be in love this weekend just wait we will talk about that in a moment. right now here tonya with a look at traffic. we have an accident reported 83 southbound at old york road. so be aware of that. right now the major problem is in cecil county. let's look at 95 at tidingsbridge. there's nobody on the ride of the screen traveling southbound
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because north of here, that accident between a tractor trailer and a car at exit 93 route 222 bainbridge road. get off at route 100 andous route 1 or pulaski as a alternate if you are in the area in cecil county southbound. we have some debris in the road on the inner loop at harrisburg expressway. joce. the top story baltimore city police are look for a gunman after officers say he shot one guard in the chest and another in the eye. the guard had been watching over the oak hill apartments in the 2800 block of matthews street in northeast baltimore when gunfire broke out around 9:30 last night. police say two guards saw a man acting suspicious. that's when shots erupted. the security guard a man and a woman are in the hospital and they are in pretty bad shape. police believe the gunman was wound and he is still on the run. baltimore county police are looking to see if charges could be filed against a man who shot and killed a rottweiler this
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week in rosedale. shamus was a rottweiler patrick magruder says the dog ran into a neighbor's yard. the neighbor was afraid the dog would attack him and pull out a gun and shot it in the face. the dog died instantly. >> if this gentleman would have missed, he could have hit my husband or went through the window and hit my neighbor, my own child. cohave went to my own house window and hit one of my kids and i don't want him near my house or my family. >> the magruders went to court to try to get a restraining order against man who shot their dog. police are looking this morning for suspects who may be poisoning cats in western maryland. over in cumberland, officers say 20 cats may have licked an acid at constitution park. and new this morning, the wing of a delta jet clipped the tail of an aircraft that provides regional air service for the carrier while both were on the taxi way in boston.
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airline put passengers on other planes but as lisa stark reports, it rattled a lot of nerves. >> reporter: it was a clear evening still light out when the larger delta boeing 767 smacked into the smaller jet the both planes were damned. wing tip was sliced and the tail of the regional jet badly mangled. >> i was look out the window and it's funny before, and i saw a plane off to the side thinking you know the planes are close. i wonder if anyone sees anything you know it's like the things you hear about it could. >> it could have been a lot worse we were grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: it happened as they were taxying for take off. the smaller plane turned off a main taxi way off to aced perpendicular roadway and the main jet was coming from behind and thought he was clear-- he would clear the smaller plane and didn't. delta says the jumbo jet was
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heading to amsterdam with 204 passengers and crew of 11. regional jet reportedly with 7 # passengers and three crew. one passenger on that small plane complained of a neck injury after the police many no one else was hurt. this comes three months after a similar mishap in new york jfx airport. the dramatic collision there caught on tape. the wing tip of a giant airbus a380 hit the tail of a regional jet and spun it. there were nearly 1,000 runway incidents where planes were too close to each other or vehicles. luckily, actual collisions are not common. but they are a major safety concern. lisa stark, amount bc news, washington. -- abc news, washington. a motorcycle ride scheduled to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will go through a cumberland after the ride was initially put on hold. the state highway administration didn't want cumberland traffic tied up for the ride to remember but a huge
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social internet uprising and phone calls for state official change their minds. they tell us the route froshanksville to ground zero will travel through queen city. two baltimore city churches are doing more than preaching the word of god this weekend. they are fighting crime. so far between the two churches st. gregory the great and st. winces loss church in east baltimore they collected about 250 guns. if you bring a gun in you could receive 50 or $100 without questions asked. the first gun buy back program happened in 1974 when police collected 13,000 guns. gun buy back program will be held tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at both churches. abc2 is working for you this morning. we found five ways to raise your credit score. now according to here are a few things you need to do. you need to make your payments on time, don't rack up too much debt and have long-standing a
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accounts and apply for the credit you need and don't close multiple accounts. also keep this in mind. consumer analyst say credit cart issuers can't count the payment as lace if eye falls on a day when closed butish usual -- issueers process every day of the week. mackey the colts tightend passed away last week at the age of 69 and a public memorial is scheduled to be held sometime in august. so this morning you are sipping on the coffee and probably about to grab an o.j. but are you reaping for a vitamin d pill to go down with your breakfast? we are looking at the benefits and dangers if you are not paying careful attention. and it's part workout and park social club stroller strides is catching on locally and has a lot of moms getting back in shape. and harry potter mania
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across the country. we go live where hundreds watched the last installment of the film overnight. but first a look. a look at late of the business news. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money another warning about the u.s. creditrating because of the uncertainty over raising the debt limit standard and pors says there's 50-50 chance it will downgrade the bond rating. minnesota's governor and lawmakers have reached an agreement to end a budget impasse. governor dayton says that means the government will reopen very soon but he didn't say when. nonessential operations have been shut down since july 1st. and this could be the final weekend for the borders bookstore. a judge approved a plan to auction off the company and so far the only bid is from a team of liquidateers. the deadline is tuesday. and the city that has millionaires fastest is houston. second los angeles with 9% more than last year followed by new
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york. and that's america's money. i am lindsay davis.
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[ kara ] over three thousand entered.
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five made it to times square ♪ and one rose above the rest congratulations to courtney reid the winner of this year's folgers jingle contest. ♪ it's story captivating audience for more than a decade and overnight the last harry potter poivey was released. -- movie was released. and some people have been up all night to see the film. what can you tell us. >> reporter: it's the adrenaline. they are so excited and pumped up. they are not tired. we were out here in front when they came pouring out of there. there was a 3 a.m. showing and they came out all smiles archingous and happy after seeing harry potter and the deathly halos. it was the final installment and they had a opening at midnight. some workers here tell me they
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had huge lines out here. just wrapped around building. they showed the movie on about24 theater screens all sold out. many of the people i caught up with they came out of the 3a.m. showing and here's what the fans had to say. . i thought it was awesome. i would go see it two more times and i am willing to spend my money. i spent 14.50 to get the experience and it's one of the best. you get leather seats and all of it. it's great. >> i thought it was great and a good movie. you know, it was not a waste of time at all. so, it was pretty good. and they should do more. but, you know, i guess it's the last one. >> any knowledge. >> reporter: we are told that the movie has made 25 million dollars in advance ticket sales. so and again, as we talked to folks out here they were not disappointed. many of them the only disappointment is if they want to see another one. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most being a ret by weatherate. full moon officially occurred this morning. but we could say last night or today is the case check out this picture from kevin novak in harford county that's beautiful shot. and hopefully you got a chance to get a glimpse and we had clouds in spots floating across the sky west and south of baltimore and into the morning hours. but, if the kids are acting strange, the dog is standing on one leg and standing on one leg that is. let me know. there's an excuse for that. by the way, 62 in ocean city. they have cooled things down and 63 at easton. 64 here in baltimore. and then 50s back into the mountains. we have a good stretch of nice comfortable temperatures all across the mid atlantic up through the northeast and in fact anywhere in driving distance should have decent weather through the weekend and in the summer you could be driving through the ohio valley through the great likes lakes northeast and across the mid lantic.
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upper level winds take the clouds across the great lakes. there's rain up this there in michigan but throwing high clouds into parts of the area this morning. that probably made for a beautiful sunrise. when we watched this future radar for the weekend i. want to start off with the travels thatmay take you up 95 toward metro new york and there could be showers that pop. we get influence of eastern kinks to the wind that could flare up afternoon cloudiness but a beautiful look day and we will look for the influence of the wind off the ocean. and it could perhaps this is really based on where the high pressure, the source of nice weather happens to be located because the winds around high pressure can pull in moisture off the atlantic and the possibility of adding more showers and because of the shoreline next to 72 degree water temperature could hold the beach temperatures into the upper 70s. that's during the saturday. we will have a nice warmup and warm back up on sunday and heat things up next week. today, aiming for about 85a good looking day after the beautiful morning. a mix of sun and clouds, though. so maybe a few more shadows
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passing across the skies compared to yesterday. tonight, generally clear. down to about 65. going through the weekend, and you will see the ramp up from the mid to upper 80s. overnight lows mid-60s to near 70. a hint of humidity and we may make clouds in tomorrow we should get more sunshine pushing through the early part of next week. humidity spawning afternoon storms and we are calling it the harry potter hotter forecast. temperatures low to mid-90s next week. 81 today, 78 tomorrow because of the wind and right along the immediate shoreline with added clouds and back to the mid-80s on sunday. ton yarks how about the traffic. >> reporter: accident cleanup on the harrisburg expressway southbound at old york road. right near the pennsylvania line. as far as the jfx, we are doing okay. let's look at 41st free the from the overpass no problems to report. southbound traffic on the left. northbound on the right. and drive times are doing okay around the city. 83 from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes. 7 minutes 95 out of white marsh
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the outer loop 95 to 70, -- 759 # to 70, 7 minutes and -- 795 to 70, 7 minutes. all southbound lanes are shut down use exit 100 and use route 1 or pulaski highway as an alternate. joce. >> all right. thanks. health news this morning. next month elementary school children will receive free multivitamins a program in salisbury will allow parents to go to the pharmacy or pediatricians office to get the vitamins. moms and dads must first fill out a questionnaire and pick up vitamins every month. doctors and health experts say vitamins of course are important no matter your age especially vitamin d. it has been linked to building stronger bones and lowering your risk of cancer. but abc2 news linda so tells us if vitamin d is the super supplement some people say it is. >> reporter: vitamin d is called the sunshine vitamin because our a bodies will make vitamin d whennics posed to
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sunlight. for lynn fisher he runs outdoors and takes vitamin d supplements. >> i take one usually with breakfast before i run and i take one sometimes other time in the day. >> reporter: len takes extra vitamin d because he is battle prostate cancer. his levels are low and his doctor prescribed them. but what about the rest of us? how much do we need? >> the last time vitamin d and calcium was assessed, it was back in 97 and this was the first revision for those two nutrients. >> reporter: a panel of experts in the u.s. and canada poured over thousands of studies and found vitamin d and calcium builds stronger bones but all other claims are still unproven. >> really need a great deal of additional human research particularly with different doses of vitamin d. >> reporter: for now, experts say up to age 70 we need at least 600 units of vitamin d a day and no more than 4,000.
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for most of us, a cup of milk with vitamin d add and 10 minutes in the sun is more than enough. as for vitamin d supplements, experts say like len before you add anything, you should run everything by your doctor. linda so, abc2 news. >> doctors say too much more than 10,000 units a day can cause liver and tissue damage and lead to kidney stones. moms, if you are looking for a way to work out with the kids and make new friends, we have uncovered the way to do it. they call it stroller stridesand a lot of women take classes at area parks but that doesn't mean the babies are left with the baby-sitter. for a lot of moms, of course it's different to -- difficult to lose weight after the baby but there's a group of moms losing weight staying fit and making friends. >> you can bring your child. >> you don't have to find child care. kid have fun together and they play afterwards. it's interesting to them. and you get your work out in knowing they are vac good -- they are having a good time and
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with you. >> megan prinkeling takes us a- - pringle takes us along and shows you it's not just socializing they are doing. and 65 years ago today, one of the most revolutionary books in american history was published. it was dr. benjamin spock's called common sense book of baby and child care. came with up five idea that is changed american parenting. they include trusting your instincts, routines are nice but strict regmens are unnecessary, don't fret if your baby acts out in unexpected way and ideas about good parenting should evolve and, of course, babies need love. sometimes as a reporter you get a little too close to the action and that's when you become the story. >> the narrow escape by a cnn reporter caught in the cross fire in libya. and new developments in the news core hack scandal. the fbi is involved thanks to
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reports that 9/11 victims were hacked by reporters. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m. ♪
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[ kara ] over three thousand entered, ♪ ten were named semi-finalists, ♪ five made it to times square, ♪ one rose above the rest. ♪ congratulations to courtney reid the winner of this year's folgers jingle contest. ♪
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news around the world. luckily most of us will never be in the middle of a gun fight but this week cnn reporter and his team were. look and listen to this gripping video. >> wait. >> wait. wait. [ gunfire ] >> yeah, i am in. >> the cnn team had been in western libya on wednesday when they got caught in the cross fire. they escaped without getting hurt. the team did make it to the base safely. the first troops to leave afghanistan as part of the draw down hand over battle space this week. a u.s. army plane took scores of them away from the air base terminal yesterday. president obama announced last month he would pull 10,000 of
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the extra troops out in 2011. and the remaining 23,000 by the summitter of 2012. -- summer of 2012. rupert murdock is defending the handling of the phone hacking scandal as the company's stock takes a hit. murdock and his son james first refused and then agreed to appear behalf uk lawmaker while the fbi opened a review into allegation of attempt to hack into the phones of september 11th victims. and soldiers found the largest marijuana plantation ever detected in mexico. it was a huge field covering almost 300 acres. the plantation is four times larger than the second biggest marijuana fields ever found by authorities. that was discover at a ranch in 1984. the pot plants were sheltered under black screen cloth and huge square on the baja california desert 150 miles south of the u.s. border. when you walk into a courthouse, you are not allowed to carry weapons. but some people are sneaking
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them in anyway. >> how about a comb? >> that's just the beginning of what law enforcement has taken from people entering a courthouse. and casey anthony attacked? one woman thought she was the florida woman but the mistaken identity land her in a jail cell. and a live look in washington this morning at 6:25. a lot of back and forth between republicans and democrats over the debt. we are monitoring the latest developments for you. [ thinking ] i know -- i'm going to invent a tool where people can enter the terms of the refinance offer they got from their mortgage guy,
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and know instantly if they're getting bamboozled. and i will start after lunch...tomorrow. don't just think about it. introducing lendingtree's free "look before you lock" tool. enter the terms of your existing loan offer to instantly find out how it compares to other offers, areas you may be overpaying, and even negotiation points to help you get a better deal. only at lendingtree.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." i think it's embarrassing and a great guy for the united states. >> a debt showdown and no end in sight. the meeting and press conference hours away with president obama. and job training in shock trauma for military doctors. lessons they are learning won't be far from what they are about to experience overseas. there's no deal until the players prove it and we agree upon it. >> new developments overnight on the nfl lockout. a top raven is weighing in on the tough situation. good morning. tgif i am joce sterman in for charley and megan. let's check your weather with meteorologist justin berk. how is the weekend looking?
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>> great. you are doing a fine job. >> thank you. >> she was so excited about yesterday and so excited first thing this morning. we going to do it again? kind of close. 83 yesterday in baltimore. 84 in east op. those are high temperatures on thursday. and we start off in the low 60s this morning. the sun has been up for more than half an hour. starting to do its work on the area thermometers but another gorgeous morning across the area. simply gorgeous. get out there. do a walk or a jog breath in the fresh air. we will have the high uv index pushing the extreme range heading through the afternoon i think we will see a mix of clouds p across the sky but a -- clouds across the skies but we will see temperatures at 80s. we get to 85 a tad below normal. into next week, yet another surge of heat. we will talk about that in a moment. right now let's talk about the traffic and once again here's tonya. >> reporter: on the beltway, debris on the roadway inner loop at harrisburg expressway. other than that, we are in


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